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The Serenity Principle

The philosophy behind Sempre Life is to help you achieve Emotional Serenity.  Serenity comes from being in a state of peace, calm or tranquillity.

During a relationship breakdown  there is often one party trying to  try to exert power and control over the other.  So what if from the beginning we accepted that we cannot control what the other party does, all we can do is control our reaction to their actions.

“Our thoughts create our reality”

What if from the outset we reframed our mind to think of Divorce and Separation as a second change to be happy.  Making this subtle shift in your thinking and using it as an anchor for when things get rough, might be the difference between years of turmoil or shortening the length of time your life hangs in limbo.

At Sempre Life we believe that our thoughts create our reality and that is why we help our clients in switching their thinking to bring more positivity and happiness into their lives in what is traditionally a very dark time.

Our Services

A to Z of Separation Program

This is a 10 step online program to help people know what to do and where to get help when separating from a relationship or marriage.

The program is designed to take the emotion and guesswork out of what to do, you simply follow our step by step program and start actioning things today.

Rant and Rave Session $15 for 15 minutes

Sometimes we just want to feel like we are being heard. At Sempre Life, we give you the opportunity to just get it all off your chest with a 15 minutes Rant and Rave phone session. After the session, if you’d like more assistance with what is troubling you, then talk to us about how we can help you further.

Administration Services

Centrelink, Child Support and Legal documents can be difficult to understand. We can help you complete these applications as part of our administrative services.


One on One Coaching

Are you confused by the whole process of separation?  Our one on one coaching can help navigate it for you.

  • Comprehensive “Get to know you” coaching session
  • Holistic coaching sessions to help with everything a Counsellor or a Lawyer doesn’t cover
  • Assist you in understanding your financial position now that you are on your own
  • Assist you in what to expect, documents to prepare and guide you on where to go next and what to ask to ensure you keep moving forward
  • Helpful tips on how to navigate the emotional highs and lows and retrain your brain to stay in the positive

Financial Neutral for Property Settlement Matters:

As a collaboratively trained financial neutral, we can help put you in control from the outset and assist you in making more informed decisions about your settlement.

Areas where we can assist are:

  • Assessing your current financial circumstances and assisting you in meeting your short term financial obligations while negotiations take place.
  • Review existing superannuation, insurance policies and estate planning
  • Assessing the financial and non-financial options.
  • Guidance on government benefit entitlements (Centrelink, Subsidised Childcare etc.)
  • Evaluate the long-term effects of dividing the assets
  • Projection of future needs and resources
  • Goal setting to help project future financial needs and resources
  • Assisting you to protect your income and your family in the event you are unable

Pricing Packages:

At Sempre Life we believe in transparent pricing and will always find a way for people to access the help they need. Please see below our pricing packages:

One on One Coaching – $228 per session (1hr to 1 1/2hrs depending on your circumstances)

Pre-purchase multiple sessions:

• 3 session pack – $580 (normally $684, represents a 15% saving)
• 5 session pack – $940 (normally $1,140, represents a 17.5% saving)

** Receive an extra 5% off for full payment upfront

Property Settlement Conference attendance as a financial neutral: $228 per hour

A to Z of Separation online program: $188

*payment plan by direct debit is available for pre-purchase packages and property settlement matters. Please see our office for more details.