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My Story

A few years ago, my whole world came crashing down around me when my marriage fell apart, leaving me to care full time for my two boys aged 3 years and 19 months. Within days my ex-husband told me he was moving to the other side of Australia, leaving me alone in a city with no family support.

My first thought after the initial shock was to go back to university and finish the degree I had started 20 years earlier. With no real plan other than to get a degree to improve my employment and income prospects, I did just that. It was during my degree that I uncovered a desire to combine my strengths when it came to financial matters with my passion for helping others. Becoming a Financial Adviser from here seemed like a natural course of action, but Fate had other ideas.

You see, I have always believed that FATE CREATES EVENTS to ensure we accomplish the things we were meant to, in order to learn valuable lessons throughout our life.

When my marriage broke down, despite being understandably upset and devastated, I was accepting of the situation and was amicable from the beginning. I could not have foreseen the unknown complications that were about to be imposed on me. With no knowledge of what to expect, I suddenly found myself propelled into a minefield of difficult and legally confusing circumstances that I had absolutely no idea on how to deal with. And this was before the sh*t really hit the fan and detoured my life for almost 5 years.

At the height of my own divorce, I had my entire financial stability wiped out and felt like I was stuck in a never-ending vortex of hell. Left feeling unsupported and disillusioned by the very systems that are supposed to help, I found myself becoming a passionate advocate for others, to ensure they didn’t have to go through the pain I had just experienced.

“I was stuck in a never-ending vortex of hell”


Every relationship breakdown is unique in how it plays out and not all (thankfully) will end up as long or difficult as mine, however from my own experience and years of helping others through theirs, each separation or divorce has recurring themes. The blessing to come from my own experience is that I now hold above average resources which can be taught on when it comes to being prepared for the challenges that can possibly be thrown at you during this difficult time.

Having experienced first-hand the best and worst ways to deal with the ups and downs of separation & divorce, I am now on a mission to help others feel empowered to take back control of their financial and emotional wellbeing, enabling them to move forward to live happier more fulfilling lives.