The Serenity Principle

The philosophy behind Sempre Financial is to help you achieve Financial Serenity.  Serenity comes from being in a state of peace, calm or tranquillity.  Let’s face it, money is one of the biggest stressors on any part of your life regardless of your age or relationship status.

At Sempre Financial we believe that behaviour and thoughts account for approximately 95% of your success. This is not just for your financial success, but for all areas of your life. We work with our clients on traditional financial advice requirements, while helping them change their relationship with money and how they see and approach life in general.

Success and Abundance looks Different to Everyone

If asked “what does success look like to you?” nearly everyone would have a different answer.  To a business executive, success might be making CEO one day and being paid a ridiculously large salary.  To a new mother, success might be seeing her child reach developmental milestones and feeling like she’s the best mum in the world (or for the mum of a newborn, success might be as simple as being able to shower that day!).

Likewise, Abundance is different to everyone.  Some people think of abundance purely from a materialistic point of view, the more material wealth they have the more abundant their life.  For others abundance stems from being surrounded by loved ones.

It is universally known that money does not keep you warm at night, so there is not much point to success or riches if there is no one at the end to share it all with.  This is why I work with my clients on an individual level, finding out what is important to THEM and what THEY want to achieve in this life.  From here, we have a starting point on which to move forward.