Getting the basics right – Cashflow and Budget Management

“Budget?  What Budget?  I know I should do one but I never stick to it anyway” 

This is an all too common theme I hear from many of our clients.  People know they should have an idea of where they spend their money, but few actually do something about it.

At Sempre Financial, we will show you ways to uncover the small leaks in your budget and teach you how to appropriately manage your money so that you do not find yourself financially haemorrhaging later in life.  We will work with you on identifying your existing behaviours and the subconscious reasons why you spend the way you do.  We will teach you new ways to manage and save your money, giving you a new perspective in an age of ever-increasing consumerism.

Superannuation and Retirement

It seems with every change in government and every new budget, the rules that directly affect our ability to plan for retirement are forever changing.  We are continually being told to put money aside for our future but hang on, don’t they just keep moving the goal posts?  How is the average person supposed to keep up with all the legislative changes and understand the industry jargon they use.

At Sempre Financial, we will help cut through industry jargon and changing legislation enabling you to better understand how to get your retirement on track and stay there.  We can assist you in all areas of superannuation and retirement planning.  This can range from superannuation accounts, transition to retirement strategies, salary sacrificing, superannuation splitting, government co-contribution, insurance funded through superannuation and pension strategies.

Personal Insurance

If your ability to earn an income suddenly stopped tomorrow, who would pay your bills?  If the main income earner suddenly became ill or worse, passed away, would those left behind be financially okay?

We don’t think twice about the need to insure our home, cars, boats and these days even our pets.  It’s just the done thing to insure these much loved items.  But what thought have you given to insuring your family’s financial future?

At Sempre Financial we can assist you in obtaining the most appropriate risk protection policy for you and your family’s individual financial needs.  The areas we cover include Life, Total & Permanent Disability (TPD), Income Protection and Trauma (Crisis) cover.

Investment and Wealth Creation Advice

Creating wealth doesn’t need to be hard work, it generally just needs a bit more (or a lot more) education than what we were taught in school.  Unfortunately, the traditional education system doesn’t really take into account the best way to grow your wealth.  Instead, the schooling system focuses on educating you to make you employable, but then what?

At Sempre Financial we are passionate about educating you about Investment and Wealth creation strategies.  During this process we will take into account your tolerance to take on risk (could I sleep at night if my investment dropped in value) as well as your capacity to take on risk (what stage of life are you in).  We take the time to identify your personal goals and objectives and work out a strategy tailored to your personal situation that will get you on your way to financial serenity.


Ongoing Service – Financial Planning is not a set and forget process

The word Sempre means always and continuous and this is what we believe our relationship with our clients should be all about.  At Sempre Financial we want to be right by your side, assisting you through all stages of life.  Our ongoing service program includes

We are not limited by what we earn, but by how we spend it.  We will teach you handy hints and tips along the way to change your relationship with money.

Sounds simple, but unless the right goals are set, how does one achieve what they truly need and want.

With each new Government Budget, the goal posts keep changing.  Having regular advice reviews will help make sure you’re not adversely affected by each change.

Just like New Year’s resolutions, staying on track is harder than it sounds. We will revisit your goals and objectives regularly with you to see how you are tracking.

Each time politicians change legislation, we will be here to help translate what it means for you and your financial plan.

Financial well-being is not a set and forget process.  We will conduct an annual review with you to ensure you stay on track and your plan remains relevant to your changing circumstances.

Want or need more regular contact with us, our open door policy means you are free to call or email anytime you have a change in circumstance that you think might affect your financial plan.