Why get Financial Divorce Coaching?

The day you realise your relationship is over, it can feel like your whole world has come crashing down. Suddenly you are thrust onto an emotional rollercoaster that quickly consumes your life.

When emotions are running high and it seems the world is against you, we are susceptible to making so many poor, devastating and often regrettable mistakes that just may haunt us for years to come.

In a knee jerk reaction, the first thing that springs to mind is “Do I need a lawyer?” closely followed by the panic that you can’t afford a lawyer. But this is just one step in an often long drawn out process that encompasses any relationship breakdown, especially when children are involved. What about all the other steps and issues like Centrelink, child support, parenting plans, property settlements, mortgages, living arrangements, bank accounts, budgeting etc.

“It is easy to feel overwhelmed, lost and confused”

With so much to think about, it is easy to feel overwhelmed, lost and confused. Often our brain and body goes into survival mode and you find yourself walking around with brain fog struggling to cope with even the simplest of daily tasks. The kids seem to get louder and rowdier, your bank account never seems to have enough money in it and most days you probably wonder how your life will ever get back to feeling normal.

In the midst of all the turmoil, just knowing where to go to get the right information can be the biggest challenge. What’s worse, the cost of getting the wrong advice can add up to thousands of dollars and years of your life.

Getting the RIGHT INFORMATION AT THE START can help make all the difference on how long, how costly and how much control you have during the process.

Sempre Financial is here to guide you through these steps, helping you be in a better position of control for a more positive outcome and future.

Even if you are already in the midst of your separation, Sempre Financial can help guide you to where you need to turn to next.