Hello, I’m Leisa and welcome to Sempre Financial!


My Story

A few years ago, my whole world came crashing down around me when my marriage broke down, leaving me to care full time for my two young boys and rapidly think about how I was going to support them moving forward.

My first thought after the initial shock was to go back to university and finish the degree I had quit 20 years earlier.  With no real plan other than to get a degree to improve my employment and income prospects, I did just that.  It was during my degree that I uncovered a desire to combine my strengths when it came to financial matters with my passion for helping others.

You see, budgeting and finance have always come naturally to me and I was perplexed how many people just didn’t seem to be able to grasp the basics.  But upon closer reflection, I realised that our education system doesn’t really address this real-life problem.  Seriously, what good is knowing Pythagora’s theorem for 80% of the population when it comes to getting and servicing a bank loan.

Shortly after starting my first job in the Finance industry, I realised my largest passion was in educating and helping people not just on their finances, but on a more holistic level to add value in all areas of their life.