Why get Financial Advice?

Hands up if you’ve ever joined a Gym, signed up to a 12 month contract, gone religiously for 2 or 3 months and then suddenly life gets in the way or you simply loose motivation but are still stuck paying up to $20 per week until your contract runs out.  This is just one of the many decisions we make about how and where to spend our money that contributes to why we never seem to have any money.

But is it our fault we don’t know how to better spend our money?  Isn’t that why we get a job?

What if you could be shown a better way to manage your money so that at each stage of your life you made better decisions that helped grow your wealth and not just deplete it.

Many money decisions, in particular the large purchases like buying a home, car, having a family or changing jobs are EMOTIONAL decisions.  However financial decisions made when emotional often lead to poor financial outcomes.

Most of us do the following without question:


Dental Check-up:

1-2 times per year

Car service:

2-4 times per year

Doctor Visit:

4-5 times per year

As your Financial Adviser, we become your voice of reason and help you achieve clarity where emotions may be clouding your better judgement. So shouldn’t you consider getting a financial health check BEFORE money becomes a problem?

Hello, I’m Leisa!

Welcome to Sempre Financial!

I joined the financial services industry in 2013 and completed a Bachelor of Business (majoring in Financial Management) from James Cook University and a Diploma of Financial Planning through Kaplan Professional college. I am a recipient of the James Cook University Academic Medal and a member of the Golden Key International Honour Society specialising in risk protection, superannuation and wealth creation strategies.